You just got your first android mobile but you don’t know what games or apps you should download? Well, this is where we come and show you some badass games and also we will show you how to detect the worst games from a mile away.
Cool Android app #1: Girl Skip
At first you might notice that it is an anime styled game that is crossed between minesweeper and hopscotch. Basically, in this game what you want to do is press the buttons as they appear on the screen. You have to do this repeatedly by pressing the 1 and 2 buttons to succeed and reach the goal. Also, there is this handy helper mode that will proof to be quite beneficial for all other users as it will allow you to have a great time with your phone.
Cool Android app #2: War Thunder
War Thunder is a game where you control a military aircraft and your duty is to exterminate the enemy by fighting them on air with missiles, rockets and other powerful weapons. The coolest part of war thunder is that it can be attached to this war thunder hack tool that can be downloaded on apktrainer. This hack tool allows you to get more weapons, enhance firepower, make you invisible and other awesome features out there.


Cool Android app #3: Light Racer
As most other racing games, your duty is to dominate the competition by having the best cars, the best features and all other kind of cool stuff. This is a game that comes from so called Tron movie that might interest you if you are a techy guy. What you want to do is drive your bike and do as many tricks as possible.
So, with this small list of android best and worst games, one can easily differentiate a good game from a bad game and a worst game. It is just a matter to see what they are for.