Battling with animal hair is the a predicament that almost all pet owners face at one point. The best solution so far is vacuuming, but not all vacuum cleaners are considered to be the best vacuum for pet hair, and a good vacuum for hardwood floors. So, here are some pointers to help you find a good vacuum cleaner for this purpose.

Blower Port

Choose one with a blower port at the top of the machine. If you buy a vacuum cleaner that’s suitable for both pet hair and hardwood floors, like the hardwood pet vacuums reviewed on Absoluteadt, it will not blow the fine strands of hair right back in the air while cleaning, and you won’t have to re-vacuum over and over. So, go for one with a blower port at the top of the cleaner.

Alternatively, some vacuum cleaners hold water in the canister. You simply have to flush out the whole lot without worrying about the hair going back into the air, or having to remove it from the pleated filters.

Pet-Specific Vacuums

Pet on Hardwood FloorChoose ones that are specially designed for removing animal hair. A high suction vacuum is required in order to do a good job on carpets and rugs. But, the best option is to go with a vacuum that’s specifically designed for removing pet hair.

For instance, the suction in a Dyson is usually much stronger when compared to ordinary vacuums, and it doesn’t have any bags because it empties directly into a trashcan. However, be aware that some vacuum cleaners simply froth the dirt to make it look like it’s a lot.

The best way to go about it is to request a demonstration, or go for a trial run. Try vacuuming with different products to see which one is most suitable to your requirements.

Cloth Bags and HEPA Filter

Always try and pick one that has cloth bags and a HEPA filter in order to avoid allergies.

Gradual accumulation of animal hair can cause allergic reactions, and allow dust mites to thrive. Go for ones with a HEPA filter because non-HEPA vacuums tend to re-circulate the contents back into the air.

Types of HEPA Filters

There are different grades of HEPA filters. A good quality one should be able to trap at least 99% of particles of 0.3 microns. This is because there are cleaners with “HEPA-like” filters that are actually unable to trap the finer strands. It’s always a good idea to check the rate of filtration on the filter.

Another thing to consider are cloth bags. Cloths can trap fine particles extremely well.

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, it is good to crosscheck these basic features:

  • A good vacuum cleaner should have suction tube in the middle of the head. Otherwise, if a suction tube is on one side, it just grounds the dirt back to the carpet and the hair clogs while wrapping around the brushroll.
  • Go for one that has large vacuum tubing because it allows the hair to go directly into the bag without clogging in the middle.
  • Choose one that has a stiff brushroll to comb the carpet well. A soft brushroll doesn’t do the job of removing fallen hair from carpets.
  • See whether a vacuum cleaner has enough suction power to bring hair all the way up. If it doesn’t, then it will just clog in the middle.

Finally, emphasize on features rather than on manufacturers. We all prefer certain brands, but, that can keep us from exploring newer, and better products.